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HSE is a technology consulting practice with offices in Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, and Jacksonville, FL, providing information technology solutions using FileMaker Pro and the latest technologies to enhance business performance.

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Creating the Tools and Solutions to Empower Your Business

About Us

At HSE we recognize that simply having the right technology doesn't guarantee success. In order to achieve success, one must consider the PEOPLE using your systems, the DATA contained in those systems, and the organizational PROCESSES surrounding those systems. Only by considering these three elements can the right system or strategy be designed.

Every project and client's needs are different. As a result, HSE selects best-in-class products, vendors and third party consultants for the project at hand. This resource strategy provides HSE's clients with greater flexibility, faster ramp up and lower cost for their projects.

HSE leverages business experience with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and small businesses to help clients achieve their business goals. We have an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Stanford University.


With over two decades of consulting expertise and FileMaker Pro development, HSE will deliver a superior project, on time and on budget.

Our Work

For more than 20 years, HSE has maintained a track record of exceptional service and solutions, using FileMaker Pro and the latest technologies.

Below are highlights outlining some of our successful projects. Please inquire if you are interested in more in-depth project details and client references.

What Our Clients Say

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